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bluesjuniorWhy did I buy it?

I got a bit fed up with my Laney VC30-210 because of how sparkly the sound was so decided to get a fairly small single channel amp that would give me a great bluesy tone.

How does it sound?

Using an A-B box I ran my pedal board set up through the Laney and then with a single stamp could switch the guitar straight into this with everything (except master volume) on ten and the fat switch on. It worked perfectly for a beautiful bluesy lead tone with both a strat (after I changed the pickups to the higher output texas specials) and also with a PRS Santana SE (this one with hotter DiMarzio’s installed). After I got rid of my Laney I found the pedal board worked fine going into a reduced gain set-up on this amp (and no fat switch) although needed to mic the amp and come through the foldback to get guitar levels appropriate in louder gigs without the natural overdrive kicking in(which worked quite well for getting an impression of how I sounded embedded in the mix).


Sell or keep?

So far it is keep. As a nice small amp it sits in my study and works great for noodling after a couple whisky’s, again everything turned to ten except master volume which is as low as it can go (for the wife). One day I will probably replace it with something of better quality (currently my eye is on a Mesa Lonestar) however for the bedroom guitarist with a blues bias who only gigs occasionally this amp is pretty perfect.