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Why did I buy it?

I wasn’t happy with the amount or quality of drive I could get from my Laney VC30. I jammed with a guy who had a Mesa amp and liked the sound so much I got a V-twin from ebay. I would love to buy a proper Mesa such as the Lonestar, however with limited finances and certainly limited levels (ie in the bedroom) the V-twin is just as good.


How does it sound?

It has three channels – clean, blues and drive – however only two are accessible via the foot switch. Also it only has one set of controls (including gain) for all the channels so you are sort of stuck to compromising with the settings. I have it configured so that one footswitch turns the pedal on and off whilst the second switches between the blues and drive channel. I essentially set up a great crunchy rhythm tone on the blues channel and then use the drive channel as my solo boost because it is much louder and dirtyier despite all the settings remaining the same. This has worked really well for me, so much so that I tend not to use the drive channel on any of my amps in favour of this going into the amps clean channel. The mesa overdrive sound powered by the 2x12AX7 valves really needs to be heard to be believed. The only negative on the sound front is that some say this can be used a a recording pre-amp however every time I try to record I get so much noise (especially on the solo setting) that I have never kept a track recorded through this pedal.

Sell or keep?

Definately a keep because this IS the drive sound for me. Of course if I could get myself a Mesa amp this pedal would probably become extra to requirements, however at the moment it forms the heart of my sound.