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Why did I buy it?

On looking for that “nut” factor for my overdriven crunch sound I found out that a short delay makes the sound bigger. As I only wanted a one trick pony I opted for this small delay pedal instead of the bigger multi-delay pedals.DD-3 I also already had a boss tuner so could power this from the tuner without needing an extra power supply.

How does it sound?

I set the delay time to around 100msec’s, enough that you can hear it clearly on a quickly damped clean note but not enough that you distinctly hear the repeat on a more overdriven sound. This has the effect of making heavily overdriven chords and solos sound much bigger but without being able to specifically notice that a delay is on. I use this effect along with reverb for all overdriven tones.

Keep or sell?

It’s a keep, but only as part of a bigger pedal board. When it comes to throwing a couple pedals in a bag to go for a jam this seldom comes because I use it more to enhance my sound rather than make it.