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Why did I buy it?

I kept on breaking the spring reverb on my amps so decided to try a pedal instead. I liked the fact that this had essentially only one knob and also I had read good reviews about it.

How does it sound?

It has three modes accessible via a small three-way switch – spring, hall and flerb. Spring sounds like a spring reverb and the knob adjusts how much you get. I only really use this with the main control set to around 10-11 o’clock. It sounds precisely how I expect a spring reverb to sound. The hall setting allows “bigger” reverb and sounds a bit more studio-like in quality. The flerb is a really neat backward reverb type effect although I’ve never found a practical use for it apart from making friends say “that’s weird but quite cool!”

Keep or sell?

It’s a keep because the spring reverb is exactly what I expect to hear and there are way less controls than some of the more studio quality pedals. As I only use it live this pedal is perfect for me.

STOP PRESS: This pedal died on me after about six years and it cost less to buy a new one than get it fixed. As a result I bought the “nano” version as it has a smaller footprint and feels a lot more solid (but sounds to my ears exactly the same)