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Why did I buy it?

I bought the MM4 a few years back as an easy and compact device that could provide chorus and a rotary speaker sound in one box. I had previously owned a Line6 POD2 which is where I came across the rotary speaker sound so decided to stick with Line6 products sound wise, and also because this pedal is essentially four modulation pedals in one and there wasn’t anything else like it on the market. Line6 MM4

How does it sound?

When I first bought it (from ebay) I set up switch one with the “analog chorus” setting to sound like the intro to GnR’s knockin’ on heavens door. The second I used the “rotary drum and horn” mode to make a fairly slow pulsating rotary speaker sound, the third I set to “analog flanger” in order to get a nice funk type sound and the final switch to the “phaser” setting mainly for a cool soloing sound (think EVH). I haven’t actually changed any of the settings since (in five years) because the sounds are still spot on what I need.

Keep or sell?

This ones a keep because it’s four good sounds in one easy pedal. I’m sure it has lots more potential however as I’m not a huge modulation fan I haven’t seen the need to experiment further