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Why did I buy it?

A friend sold this to me for next to nothing because he didn’t like the sound. Granted I don’t normally like fuzz pedals but had heard that this worked well for bass, and as a Benfolds five fan I’ve always wanted to get one for my bass.

How does it sound?

As mentioned above I don’t like fuzz pedals for guitar because they make a sound like an angry bee and simply do not compete with good tube overdrive. However this pedal is known for being relatively full range and working well with bass, and thats exactly what I use it for – and it sounds great! I can manage an almost exact impression of the Benfolds bass players sound in their song “Kate” and am constantly surprised by how much “guitar” playing you can get away with on a bass with fuzz pedals!

Keep or sell.

It’s a cheap pedal but brilliant for bass. Granted I don’t use it a lot but when I do it’s sound is huge – the Russian writing is also cool.