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This is my mini-pedalboard that I use with acoustic guitar, bass guitar and also as part of my bigger pedal board. The TU-2 is particularly useful because it can be used to power other Boss pedals and also as a mute.

Why did I buy it?

About ten years ago the TU-2 was the only real pedal-tuner option. I also liked that fact that it powers other pedals, is a chromatic tuner, can be set to alternative tunings other than 440, and can be used to either mute whilst tuning or alternatively set to constantly on.

The CH-1 is a relatively simple chorus pedal that seems to do everything you would expect.

How does it sound?

I haven’t noticed the tuner adding any noise to my chain or affecting my sound. I use it as a mute on my acoustic and electric guitar but keep it in chromatic mode when playing bass which I find reassuring especially when playing fretless.

The CH-1 seems to be quite good at ranging from very subtle chorus to too much chorus. It sounds great on the acoustic, is workable on the bass and seems equal to my Line6 MM4 for the electric. I haven’t noticed it adversely affecting my bass frequencies but then again I seldom turn it on for the bass.

Keep or sell?

Some people have complained that the TU-2 is not very accurate however I have never had a problem with it. The chorus pedal is nothing special but does what I need it to. The two pedals stay together on this mini-pedal board out of convenience because I use the TU-2 every time I play live no matter the gig, whilst the chorus pedal is used mostly for acoustic but occasionally for bass and electric hence it is convenient to keep it with the tuner especially as it is powered by the tuner. I quite like this arrangement and cannot really imagine a reason for getting rid of these pedals.