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Why did I buy it?



At the time I was playing electric in a band that also often featured an acoustic guitar, however the acoustic player also sang and sometimes had trouble managing some fiddly acoustic bits whilst singing. As these bits were few and far between I got this pedal as a mimic for an acoustic sound so that I didn’t have the hassle of an extra guitar (and signal path). I set it to the “Jumbo” setting with the body control at 12 and the top control at 1.

How does it sound?

I wouldn’t use this on a fully acoustic song or without a band, however for a little intro or bridge section the sound is passable and definately more like an acoustic than a clean electric sound. A bit of chorus helps even more with sounding like an acoustic.

Keep or sell?

Well I bought this for a purpose and it served it well. However since then it has been sitting in the bottom of a drawer. I did once get it out when we were recording some acoustic guitar and used it WITH an acoustic as it gives a bit of sparkle to the sound, however this was because we were double tracking a guitar part and I wanted the second track to be a bit different from the first. To be honest this pedal is more of a gimic than a replacement for a proper acoustic.