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Why did I buy it?

I came to university with just an electric guitar and a bass after having spent the previous year playing bass full time in a band with an amazing electric player. I had become quite depressed about my own abilities so decided to swap my strat for a good acoustic guitar that I could play in my room. Originally I wanted a Takamine however the model I was after was out of my price range. I went into the local shop and started playing all their acoustics and this one, the DG41SCE, really stood out in both feel and sound. I fell in love and bought it immediately.

How does it sound?

This model was later discontinued by Fender, and I haven’t seen many other positive reviews (edit: however it seems this is because it is quite rare. I’ve now seen a couple reviews where other people have been as equally impressed with it as I am). I don’t know if I was lucky and managed to find a single instrument that really stands out as remarkable, or if they were all this good (and if they were why on earth did Fender quit making them?). Everyone who’s ever played it has commented on how it both feels and sounds like a guitar twice it’s price. I have used it for (probably hundreds) of gigs and recorded with it many times. It has an excellent Fishman pickup built in and sounds well balanced both acoustically and through a PA (although annoyingly the battery can only be reached through the sound-hole). A cool feature of the built-in pre-amp is a phase switch that can magically makes the guitar sound better on the rare occasions that it does not sound great straight away through the PA. I really cannot fault the sound of this guitar in anyway – it easily competes with all the Martins and Taylors I have ever played or jammed with.

Keep or sell?

Keep keep keep – if I had to choose only one guitar to keep this would be it. I have owned it for twelve years and been through so much with it that it is now part of the family – or even an extra limb!