So I was jamming away to youtube and thought “that’s funny, I can’t hear much reverb”. I checked my EHX Holy Grail and the light was on, but no reverb on any settings! Grr I thought, but then the pedal is a few years old and has been on constantly for as long as I can remember (enviro note – I do turn the pedal board off at night!). So I figured I’d get the reverb from my blues junior instead, however when I twiddled the reverb knob again no reverb! Although I can get a pretty good approximation using my Boss delay pedal, it still isn’t reverb.

So now I face the dilemma – spend some money on getting things fixed or just go out and buy a new reverb pedal? I always struggle with this decision as I imagine the fixes are probably quite easy, however for the low cost of new pedals it probably isn’t a lot more to be ultra-consumerist and just buy something – a bit like owning a dell computer, you expect to buy a new one at an equally low price a few years later… But then again I’m not exactly gigging anymore and nappies are so expensive – is reverb worth it?