Please note – I have contradicted this older review in a more up to date one here.

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with music shops. I love to visit them, browse around and buy cool stuff, but I sometimes find the egoism of the staff and some customers rather difficult.

In it’s older incarnation as “M&M music” in St. Marys the staff at this store had terrible attitudes – but something seems to have changed in the couple years since they have moved to much bigger premises in a much nicer part of town (although making their shop look like an amplifier is a bit… er… special). I went in about a month ago after a high end Gibson and found them extremely helpful – letting me play loads of valuable guitars for as long (and as loud) as I liked! I’m suspicious that now that I do not look like a scruffy student their attitudes may have changed because they think I’ve got money – or perhaps they really have learned to be friendly to customers…

As for stock this place is amazing. More great Fenders and Gibsons than I know what to do with, and so many high end pedals that I cannot help coming away with something every time I visit. It’s so nice to find a place with good musical stuff rather than the “made for school boy market” that dominates so many guitar stores. This place even beats the ever contracting Denmark street in both general quality of stock and time/space to have a look without getting pushed over/deafened by the aforementioned scruffy students and school boys!

There’s an (expensive) car park out the front or its within sight of Southampton Central train station for easy access, and there’s a great Thai restaurant around the corner – so well worth an afternoon out if, like me, you think reviews on youtube are just missing that something extra!