Finally got around to seeing Eric Clapton at the Albert Hall – my god is he good! The set list was:

Key To The Highway
Going Down Slow
Hoochie Coochie Man
Old Love
I Shot The Sheriff
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
Still Got The Blues (Gary Moore)
Same Old Blues (JJ Cale)
When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful
Wonderful Tonight
Tearing Us Apart
Little Queen Of Spades

Highlights for me was the electric version of “Old Love”, “I shot the Sheriff” and also the acoustic “Still got the Blues” tribute to Gary Moore. Eric has the fun habit of starting songs with slightly unrelated noodling before kicking off with the more recognisable riffs which I thought was quite fun. When he was going full steam his playing really has to be seen to be believed, youtube clips do not really do him justice. It’s amazing that he still has so much energy and feeling in his playing after doing it for so long! The only time he did show his age was towards the end of the show when the keyboard solos started getting distinctly longer. Unfortunately he opted for a Drums, Bass and two keyboardists – Hammond & Piano – with no second guitarist. I would have liked to have heard someone like Doyle Bramhall trade licks rather than so much piano/organ. Also he’s a bit grumpy when it comes to encores, however I suppose when you are as good and well known as he is you don’t care too much about being nice to the crowd!

As far as I could see he was playing an aqua blue strat (which was the theme colour of the stage/lighting set-up) with a wireless transmitter going into his Fender ’57 Tweed reissue amp with a cry-baby wah (although someone told me it was a Vox however I didn’t see any silver on the stage) and a full-sized leslie that was controlled through what looked like a custom footswitch. He controlled all his tone including levels of drive using the knobs on the guitar (although his custom strat model does have an active mid-boost). I think he was playing his custom Martin for the acoustic part of the set. Below are some pictures I screen-grabbed from Flickr from the show: