Why Did I Buy It?

I needed a bass guitar for occasional use with a band but didn’t want to spend too much money on it. I really liked the humbucker pickup of a musicman but couldn’t afford one at the time. This bass was only intended as a stop-gap for a few years. I tried every bass in the shop of about the same price range and this one felt the nicest (with the additional plus of the pickup). I liked the natural wood finish and the contour of the body. I bought the guitar in 1999 so I think it was a slightly older model than in this picture as it didn’t have the pickup selector switches.

How Does It Sound?

My principle with basses is to focus more on the feel than the sound as a good amp seems to make more of a difference than the actual guitar to my ears. I played this one through either an Ampeg valve head plus 8×10 cab, my Marshall (reviewed below), or my Trace (also reviewed below). I got a good tight bass sound that worked well getting in the pocket with the drummer. I seldom played slap.

Keep or Sell?

I sold this after a few years as I was playing bass a lot less and had also bought a Musicman Fretless to use as my main bass. It was initially bought as a stop-gap until I could afford either a musicman fretted or Fender P or Jazz bass. When I started playing less I got rid of this figuring I would buy a more favoured bass when I needed to. Not that this was a bad instrument, it’s just that there is a difference between a sub £500 bass and a £1000+ bass.