Why did I buy it?

I bought this about 6 months ago as I have started playing bass in a band again and wanted to get a pedalboard together. Although I have the Boss CS3 I wasn’t sure how good it would be for a bass and found good reviews about this one on the encyclopaedic website www.ovnilab.com Also I have had a love hate relationship with compressors in the past, occasionally finding them essential especially for the bass, and at other times wondering why I spent the money to buy one. I wanted to try a new compressor to see if this love hate relationship remained, but not spend too much.

How does it sound?

So the big caveat here is that I have only used it in a live situation on my musicman bass going into a Genz-Benz shuttle amp – so not on an electic guitar. Initially I was really disappointed as even when set to a very mild setting it seemed to suck the punch out of my bass tone. I quite like playing near the bridge to get the punch, but as soon as the compressor was clicked on zwump – the punchiness disappeared. However after a bit of experimenting I think I like it, again on a very mild setting, but only when playing fretless, although frankly the effect is very very subtle to be almost unnoticeable.

Keep or sell?

I have had moments in the past when sound engineers are very pleased that I have a compressor for the bass, so I think I am keen to keep at least one with me at all times. However much like the boss, the optostomp effect is very subtle to my ears, and realistically it is not a major part of my tone. So keep, but only to keep the sound guys happy!