Why did I buy it?

So as mentioned below I have started playing in a band again, this time on bass. I’ve always liked to take a few pedals along for the bass but in the past have been a bit haphazard with them as previously the only option has been making my own pedalboards. But since I last looked there are a plethora of options for pedalboards, and I figured this one was about the right size. It was however quite expensive, so still feels a bit extravagant (although does massively reduce my set-up time). The padded bag is made of identical material to standard gig bags and it has a pocket for cables and a shoulder strap. It is made of robust black painted steel and comes with velcro to attach the pedals. Powerwise I found a 9volt transformer with a 1.7A current rating which runs the 9v pedal that I have on the board via a daisy-chain. There isn’t really room to fit a dedicated power supply.

How does it sound?

It makes a satisfying metallic clunk when dropped from waist height, which is significantly muted when the padded gig bag isn’t removed.

Keep or sell?

Definitely a keep as it is about the right size for my bass pedal board. I’ve had a variety of pedals on it, however at the moment am running the ones shown in the picture. In fact I’m thinking of getting a second to make a stripped down guitar pedal board as well.