As if spending close to £10k over the last fifteen years or so on guitar related kit didn’t give it away, I’ve now realised I have an official problem with G.A.S.:

This last weekend, and for the first time in ages, I had a couple hours spare so thought it would be a great opportunity to practice. So after setting up my amp & pedal board I went to youtube and started watching a few videos to try and pick up some new licks. About two videos in and I thought – wow that guy has great tone, maybe I need a new overdrive pedal. I then spent the next half-hour looking for overdrive pedals, and then the next hour or so comparing reviews. Although I didn’t buy anything, I suddenly realised that instead of practicing for two hours I had practiced for ten minutes, and spent the rest of the time looking for new gear – doh!!

Still I think I am going to get myself both of these for Christmas!