guitar-store1Ok so I posted a good review of this shop a year or so ago, however have been back in three times since then and am now not so impressed again. The first time I wanted to get a bass I had bought from ebay set-up. I walked into the store and hung around for ages before I finally managed to get the attention of a member of staff. They then tried to send me away without a receipt for my £600+ bass, and reacted scornfully when I insisted on one (that was Jamie – the owner). A week later when I picked up the bass it was the worst set-up I’ve ever seen with the intonation out and the strings buzzing horrendously. I re-set everything myself and vowed never to pay for a “professional” set-up again. (oh and I ordered a new hard-case which they said would have come in within the week except it hadn’t, and three months later after chasing them up a couple times I gave up and bought one from ebay).

A couple months later I went back to the store just to browse. I tried to go up to their mezzanine level where they keep the Fenders and was told rather rudely that they were vacuuming and I should come back later unless I wanted to buy something!

Sadly these two experiences are consistent with what they used to be like when I visited more frequently as a student in their old premises. It seems that the good experience on which I based my last review was a one off, and in fact they are still as grumpy and arrogant as I remember. Of course their stock is still great, but no better than Nevada music down the road in Portsmouth which I visited two weeks ago and spent £500 at – I’m not giving any more of my cash to this southampton store!