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Why did I buy it?

I’ve always liked the extra textures a wah pedal gives especially when kicking into a lead solo. For a good few years I had a Morley wah pedal on my board which was the only one I could afford as a teenager, however I wasn’t satisfied with the range of sweep on that pedal. As the Dunlop cry baby is the archetypal wah pedal, I picked one up about eight years ago and it has been on my board ever since.Image

How does it sound?

It has a wider tonal sweep than my old Morley which I like, although I seldom rock right to the extreme. To be fair I do not use it a huge amount, however whenever I want the sound it seems to provide it very adequately. I normally use it in conjunction with my higher gain lead sound, but have placed the wah before the dirt box.

Keep or sell?

It does everything I need it to and although it is not the most used pedal, it is definitely a keeper. I can see why big wah fans might want to try different pedals with more features, but for my relatively limited use this is perfect.