Why did I buy it?

After breaking the reverb on two separate amps I decided it was easier and cheaper to go with a pedal. I’ve always like the quirkiness of EHX so originally had one of their normal Holy Grail Reverb pedals. However when I managed to break this after about six years (I don’t have much luck with reverb!) I went for the more solid feeling and very much smaller nano version.Image

How does it sound?

Exactly like the original to my ears, although I only really use the “spring” setting dialled to between 10 and 11. I really like the sparsity of knobs as I don’t like having to think about reverb any more than “I want more/less”.

Keep or sell?

Given my luck with breaking reverbs its a keep for my pedal board as it gives me the option to go direct in to a PA and have every effect. However when I am feeling more in a blues mood I tend to use the reverb on (my now fixed) blues junior amp, just for the ease of not having to plug in and carry a pedal.