Why did I buy it?

I’ve always used Boss tuners in the past however in the last few years these uber handy vibration based tuners have come out. I decided to try one and managed to convince a shop on Denmark street to give me one for free at the same time I was buying some pedals.Image

How does it sound (or in this case “is it any good”)?

The absolute best thing about these is being able to tune when your volume pot is turned down. Although it looks a bit unsightly on the head of the guitar, I tend to clip it with the display on the back of the headstock. Tuning on a guitar is easy and accurate, however on a bass it has problems picking up the open A, and never gets the open E. This isn’t a major problem on my fretted bass as I can tune both strings with a twelfth fret harmonic, however obviously this wouldn’t work for actually setting the intonation in the first place, whilst the fretless bass also causes problems. As a result I tend to only use this tuner during practices with the bass, preferring my TU3 for gigs. The note tracking isn’t as quick as with pedal tuners, however is much better than tuners from say ten or twelve years ago.

Keep or sell?

For a free gift that is quick and easy to use it’s a definite keep!