Why did I buy it?

Started playing bass in a band again and my old Trace head was a bit unreliable. I read quite a bit on the talkbass forum and these seemed to have a great reputation. I then saw one going for a reduced price at the bass centre because the 6.2 had just come out, so I snapped one up without even hearing it! When I got it the first thing that impressed me was quite how small and light it was – no more struggling with huge bass heads!


How does it sound?

Wow – I have never had a class D amp before so was a bit skeptical that something so small could sound so good – but this is the best sounding bass amp I have played through! As a class D it has a valve in the preamp stage (which you can see glowing through a small grill on the top) meaning you also get a gain knob that dirties things up a bit if turned up – I like it just past 12. Straight out of the box and through my Trace 2×10 with the EQ flat it sounded impressively tight. Volume wise it is ample for playing with a full kit, and switching to my Marshall 4×10 the tone gets even better (and louder). I have comfortably played with a full kit using the 4×10 with the Shuttle on half volume. There are three “shape” settings of which I use the LF boost the most (the others are HF boost and mid scoop) especially on songs which do not require fast licks, but do need the bass to have lots of presence. Live I generally keep the EQ flat although do play with the 3 band EQ on my musicman bass’s quite a bit. I’ve used it as a DI in the studio to great success and even impressed the engineer with how quiet yet good sounding it is – and the ground lift switch is very handy. The mute switch is really handy on the front for live use, although I do wish I could get a small foot-switch to control the mute. The speaker out’s are both speakon types, again something I quite like.

Keep of sell?

This one is a keeper. I’ve had it for two years and used it almost exclusively live plus for a few studio sessions. It sounds great and critically is very small. Indeed it does look a bit ridiculous on top of a 4×10 but hey it still pumps out the volume! I have thought about upgrading to the Shuttle 9.0, but realistically for the sorts of gigs I play I do not need anything with more features or power. I might rack mount it one day as I do worry about pulling it off the top of the cab’s sometimes.