I haven’t been very good updating this blog over the last couple of years mainly because I have actually been playing music rather than just thinking or talking about it.

Indeed recently I have been less “into” gear because I am actually into the music, and in a way I don’t really care what I play through as long as it works for the music we are playing. Of course there is the element of feeling comfortable with my kit, and inspired enough to add something to the music when necessary, however sometimes this is as much about EQ’ing myself appropriately as it is about spending another £1000 on the latest guitar or amp. Likewise I find guitar based forums less interesting now because my hobby is the music, not collecting gear or trying to show off.

Something else I have noticed is that my practicing is less about technique and more about running through our songs trying to work out if my bass lines are the best for the music. This isn’t about playing something technically demanding, it’s about playing something appropriate. As the bass player the vital thing is keeping the groove – I’ve really noticed how I can screw whole songs if I don’t nail the feel with the bass line. As a guitarist at heart I sometimes get frustrated by how simple some of the bass lines are, however at the end of the day making the music work is more important than showing off my chops.

So it’s been an interesting epiphany – when I actually DO music I spend less time coveting gear, writing blogs and contributing to websites. At the end of the day perhaps quality is to do with the music one makes rather than the gear one owns or the licks one plays?