Of all pedal types overdrives are the hardest to get right. They seem very specific to the guitar, amp and player with some classics working amazingly for some people, but not at all for others. Finding the “right” pedal is also quite hard as what sounds great in the shop doesn’t always sound so good a few months later once I’ve had a chance to put a few hours playing and tweaking in. As a result my approach is now simply to buy pedals that look good from reviews and test drive them for a year or so. If they are any good they stay in use, otherwise its into the back of a drawer or ebay.


Why did I buy it?

As I have been playing less guitar recently (due to bass duties in the band) I have been using a much simpler rig of guitar into blues junior. I wanted a wee bit more drive from the amp but without losing the responsiveness of the amp. Capt. Anderton of the Chappers/Andertons guitar videos rates the Lovepedal eternity drives highly and has a great blues tone, so I decided to try one. As far as I understand from the range Lovepedal makes “eternity overdrives” and changes the model every few years. The one that was in production when I got mine (just over a year ago) was the E9.

How does it sound?

Transparency in a OD pedal means keeping the same response from the amp after you’ve stepped on the pedal. With a lot of OD pedals you lose some of the “squishiness” when you step on the pedal. This particular pedal is quite clever as it combines a clean boost with a treble boost and a distortion, each controlled with a separate knob. Granted when the distortion knob is turned above about 11 the pedal isn’t transparent any more, however by keeping this one down to about 9 you can dial in a lot more dirt from the amp using the two boosts. Used like this means most drive comes from pushing the amp and hence you keep the great valve OD without losing the response through too much transistor dirt.

Keep or sell?

I’ve had this over a year now and am still impressed. Granted I’ve only used it with a full band set-up twice as I’m not currently gigging on the electric guitar, however it performed admirably both times. I’ve used it more often at home jamming at various volumes to backing tracks and youtube videos. Here it works great and keeps my sound inspiring enough to keep going! As a result this one is certainly still in favour after a year or so of use. I also rather like the design philosophy of the pedal, and find myself using the boost functions a bit more than the distortion circuit.