For the last ten years or so I have been really keen to get a Gibson ES335. I almost got one as a 30th birthday present but my wife found out she was pregnant just before so we saved the money instead! In lieu of getting one I have been making sure I play ES335’s whenever I visit music shops just as a dream. I found a beautiful 1970s one that felt amazing, but have been less than impressed with the newer ones. Indeed I tried some head-to-heads with the epiphone copies and slowly started to realise that the extra 10x the price isn’t worth it for a “real” gibson – the epiphone are not ten times as bad! On realising this I started trying out alternative ES335 copies, and came across the Ibanez artcore AS93. This was way better than the epiphones, better than some of the Gibsons and at a really reasonable price. Infact I was so impressed I bought one almost straight away! I’ve now had it for six months and love it: