As I’m not gigging on the guitar at the moment the THR10 is the ideal tool for home practice. I also have a recently acquired Ibanez AS93, although still use my faithful 2000 US Strat a fair bit. Occasionally the Blues Junior comes out, almost always with my Lovepedal E9.


Fender blues junior and US strat

My seldom used pedal board rig:
Dunlop Wah -> TU-2 –> BBE Opto Stomp –> EHX Graphic Fuzz –> Line6 MM4 –> Mesa V-Twin –> DD-3 –> EHX Holy Grail nano –> Fender Blues Junior. I’ve also been messing with a Boss RC-2 looper quite a bit recently.



Musicman Stingray Fretted or Fretless into Boss TU-3 -> Aguilar Octamizer -> EHX bass big Muff -> MXR Envelope Filter -> Murder One mute switch -> Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 -> Trace Elliot 2103x